Archeological Museum in the Herzogkasten

The Archeological Museum located in the Gothic "Herzogkasten" (Ducal Warehouse) is a bridge to the great Celtic past of Kelheim and the Celtic town "Oppidum Alkimoennis".

Archäologisches Museum

The exhibits display Kelheim´s history from the age of the Neanderthal to the Middle Ages. Also on the first floor, there is a special exhibit displaying Kelheim´s history as a city. The museum was given a special award by the European parliament. In the courtyard is a 13 meter long section of the original Celtic wall and an exact reconstruction of its original height.

Faustkeil aus Saal an der Donau
Museum im Herzogkasten
Außenansicht des Archäologischen Museums
Stadtgeschichtliche Abteilung mit Fischer in der Zille
Kinderprogramm Archäologisches Museum