Little Abbey

Along the footpath from Kelheim to Weltenburg lies the former hermitage, the Klösterl, or Little Monastery.

Einsiedelei Klösterl

In 1450, the monk Antonius von Siebenbürgen converted a cave in the cliff into a hermitage and constructed a small chapel dedicated to St. Nicolas. In 1454, the Franciscan Order took it over and converted it into a small abbey known as the Bruderloch (Brothers Cave), but moved due to the poor living conditions and built the abbey in Kelheim (Franciscan Abbey). The monastery fell more and more into a state of disrepair until, in 1603, the Franciscans had the building refurbished by the master mason Hans.

Felsenkirche der Einsiedelei Klösterl
Biergarten der Einsiedelei Klösterl
Gottesdienst in der Felsenkirche