Altmühl Valley Archaeological Park

An exciting trip through time awaits you in the Altmühl Valley between Kelheim and Dietfurt. Enter the world of the Neanderthals and Celts. How did people living in the Ice Age 50,000 years ago hunt a mammoth? In which cave did our ancestors carve the first works of art? How did the settlers of the Neolithic Age live?

Keltentor Kelheim-Gronsdorf

All that and much more can be discovered at 18 stations of the Altmühl Valley Archaeological Park. The well-signposted route of about 39 kilometres is largely along the Altmühl Valley bicycle path, and can be very easily explored on foot or by bike. Most of the stations can also be conveniently accessed by car or bus.

A diversified annual activity programme means that archaeology can be literally experienced here: Archaeological lectures, a potpourri of children’s activities, such as “Stone Age Picasso – A Painting Workshop for Children”, courses like “Forging Bronze Brooches” or “Textile Techniques of the Celts” are only a few of more than 50 events. The largest archaeological park in Europe is accessible at any time and at no cost. The annual programme and additional information can be found in the new flyer "Altmühl Valley Archaeological Park".