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Sights in Kelheim (43)

  • donautor-i.jpg


    The Gate "Donautor" was built in the 13th century. On the north side of the tower gate, you can see Kelheim’s first coat of arms with the Bavarian lozenges suspended between the Tower ...
  • erasmusturm-und-kirche.jpg


    The Tower "Erasmusturm" was converted to a church in the 15th century. At the time, it was a defensive tower incorporated into the city wall. Simultaneously it served as a meeting room for the ...
  • evangelische-kirche_stadt-kelheim.jpg

    Lutheran City Church of St. Matthew

    This church was built in 1888. The interior is beautifully decorated with stained glass and paintings. The church stands on the site of a large, 15th century inn, part of which is now used as the ...
  • Franziskanerkirche

    Franciscan Church

    The abbey church was built between 1461 and 1506. The church was desecrated after the Secularization in 1802 and all of the property was auctioned off. Today the church houses the organ museum. ...
  • Einsiedelei Klösterl

    Little Abbey

    Along the footpath from Kelheim to Weltenburg lies the former hermitage, the Klösterl, or Little Monastery. In 1450, the monk Antonius von Siebenbürgen converted a cave in the cliff into a ...
  • Radler auf der Torhausbrücke

    Pedestrain bridge at the Gatehousplace ("Torhausplatz")

    When the river was converted into a national water transport route, the old Altmühltor bridge had to give way to a new pedestrian bridge. An international design prize was awarded for the ...
  • archaeologisches-museum_garten-141.jpg

    Inner courtyard of the archaeological museum

    An idyllic courtyard with beautiful gardens and outdoor seating. In the courtyard are replicas of bronze age burial mounds, 13 m original remains of the originally 10 km-long Celtic city wall of ...
  • woehrdkirche-51.jpg

    Foundations of the Wöhrd Church

    According to local legend, blood, wax and oil rained on this spot. There is also a version that says that a blood red stream sprang from this spot, where the church is today. These stories had ...
  • Jurahaus aus dem 17. Jahrhundert

    Turmhotel zum Erasmus - Frühstücken im Jurahaus Mit dem Turmhotel zum Erasmus beherbergt die Altstadt Kelheims eine romantische Unterkunft. Gefrühstückt wird im Jura-Haus, in dem sich auch das ...
  • Kloster Weltenburg

    Weltenburg Abbey

    The Weltenburg Abbey is situated at the mouth of the romantic Danube Gorge. It was founded in the year 600 by the Iro-Scottish Columban missionary monks Eustasius and Agilus of Luxeuil (Burgundy), ...