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Sights in Kelheim (43)

  • Weltenburg_Donaufischer

    Danube Rock Gorge Nature Reserve (Weltenburg)

    The Danube Gorge ("Donaudurchbruch") is one of nature's unique spectacles. In 1978, this nature reserve was awarded with the European Diploma of Protected Areas for the first time. This award was ...
  • Die Kelheimer Rathäuser

    The New City Hall

    The New City Hall that is located next to the Old City Hall, was built in the 16th century. In 1879, formally a merchants house, the official city offices were moved from the Old City Hall to the ...
  • orgelmuseum.jpg

    Organ Museum

    The abbey church was built between 1461 and 1506. The church was desecrated after the Secularization in 1802 and all of the property was auctioned off. Today the church houses the organ museum. ...
  • ottokapelle_blick-wittelsbachergasse_1.jpg

    Otto’s Chapel

    In the Old Market Square, in front of Otto’s Chapel, there is a granite block with an iron cross marking the spot where, on September 16, 1231, Duke Ludwig I the Kelheimer, was assassinated on ...
  • schleiferturm_1622.jpg


    This Tower was built from the remains of Ludwig the Wittelsbacher’s castle, and was part of the former defensive wall. It served as fortification for the town and is named after the ...
  • stadtknechtturm_rosen-1.jpg


    Built in the 13th century and originally one story taller, this Tower served as the city prison, the City Constable’s living quarters (on the top floor), and as a defensive tower for the city. ...
  • stadtpfarrkirche-maria-himmelfahrt.jpg

    Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

    After the demolition of the old and dilapidated St. Mary´s Church, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built in the 15th century in the Gothic architectural style. From 1861 to ...
  • Turmhotel zum Erasmus

    Turmhotel zum Erasmus - Romantische Destination für Brautpaare, Genießer und Familien Mit dem Turmhotel zum Erasmus beherbergt die Altstadt Kelheims eine romantische Unterkunft für Genießer, ...
  • Weißes Bräuhaus

    Brewery "Weisses Bräuhaus G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH"

    To the south-east, you can see a long building constructed in 1607. The brewery, Weisses Bräuhaus Georg Schneider und Sohn, was known as the Prince Elector’s White Brewery under the reign of ...
  • altes-wittelsbacherschloss-im-fruehling-3.jpg

    Wittelsbacher Castle

    Once the Wittelsbacher Dukes and their ancestors from the house of Scheyern sat in the building where the Kelheim county government now meets. In the 15th century, all but the castle keep was ...